Eeyore, friend of Pooh, rest in peace and other updates. 

Hello friends, we are in London. We had a lovely time in Manchester but then some family stuff came up and we had to adjust plans and get to London a day earlier. As it turned out this was a very good move because it gave us an extra day to settle in. London has very much been about rest and recovery. 

We kept things simple for our first week in London: explored the park, fed the ducks (biggest win ever), went to IKEA and recovered enough for a day trip to Cambridge on Friday. 

As simple and quiet as it was I lost my voice. I did not expect that but all the talking to Zoey and Nomi, and family and friends, and Nomi and Zoey on permanent repeat was obviously going to leave me croaking. 

Alex arrived Friday night! Hurrah! Voice is recovering and it’s so nice to have my co-pilot back. Someone else to help with food and keep a track of everything with. Though tragically today Eeyore was lost on a bus. Much crying from both Pingus and a plan for a replacement is in place. I’ll add Eeyore to the list of other things lost on the trip: gloves, dinosaur boxes, toothpaste and tooth brushes.


And today we visited the dinosaurs at Crystal Palace. Tomorrow The British Museum for the Greeks and Romans. 



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