Double decker bus – museum – park

Dude, we rode the top deck of a double decker bus twice today. 


We surveyed all we could see, and there were many questions and comments. They started telling me about how they were going to build houses when they become grown-up, and Zoey would drive the digger. Then Nomi started to get worried about what I would do when we all grew up, I reassured her I’d drive the cement mixer. 

They were chatting so much (Nomi especially) that the gentleman in front turned around to tell me that she could be a politian when she’s big. 

We went to a museum today. Busted out of my mum’s neighborhood for a stomp about and to meet one of my aunts. 


When we got home we unwound and headed to the park. 

It was a long day. There were bumps but the girls both bounced back from being upset faster than they use to, and Zoey reasoned herself out of two tight situations. 

At the end of the day Zoey was determined to go to the park that was further away, given how tired they were it was not the best idea but she was determined. I suggested going to the closer park now and the one further away tomorrow. But no she was determined. Since my mum was cooking dinner I told Z that we would walk to the further away park, I knew it would be rough but sometimes you just have to walk to the further away park. 

We started to get ready. I went upstairs and Zoey followed to tell me that we could go to the further park tomorrow. That it was okay to go to the round about park tonight. 

Such a big deal. Such a huge leap forward. I work really hard at keeping my promises about doing things the next day. I write things down, they see me journaling and if for some reason we can’t do it that day (force majeure) we talk about it. We talk about EVERYTHING a lot. 


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