On vacation! 

This missive is coming from Scotland, where the girls and I are on vacation. 

Last week was a whirlwind of painting ceilings and trim, tidying, making a project space in the living room, starting to build a house and drawing giant rabbits. 

I taped up the ceiling in Alex’s study a year or so ago, but didn’t get around to painting it because ugh CEILINGS. I was determined to get it done in Feburary or March but we were struck by colds and painting ceilings SUCK. Then with our trip to the UK looming I just had to do it. Alex had a quick work trip so BAM! I managed to get it done in two days and the trim. Go me! I also moved some furniture around. One of the girls’ book cases into their room which opened up a spot for a project table in the living room. 

     Zoey and Nomi were super patient and it was only by the second day that they were getting restless. Which is probably why when I finished they asked me to help with their house building. 

I asked them what Bob the Builder would do first, and they said make plans! So we all drew houses and then stuck them over the project table, and they referred back to them. They have big house building plans. Zoey was adamant that she wanted to build it with cardboard rolls. I could visualize what she wanted and knew we didn’t have enough to build a house she could stand up in but it was important that they worked through that plan. Which they did and then they got upset. I got them to think about what other materials we had in the house (we have a lot of boxes). 

Zoey was not happy that we don’t have enough paper rolls but she wanted to build so they gathered all the boxes we have and started cutting into them. They started building and once they took the boxes apart they made garages for their digger and dump truck. Side tracked yes but I have a good feel for what they would like support on post-vacation. Time and resources I think. 

Later in the week, just as I was about to start cooking dinner they wanted to make giant paper rabbits. They were tired and I was tired. It was not pretty. We drew some regular sized rabbits but they didn’t want to start the giant ones without me, and I had to cook dinner. So we parked the idea till the next day. You know Friday. The day before I flew solo with two three year olds. 

I’ll be honest I spent most of Friday trying to get as much done before they reminded me about the rabbits. Because I had visions of giant paper rabbits disappointing them BUT it actually turned out really well. Again we talked and brain stormed about how to build giant paper rabbits. Are they flat or 3-d etc. I showed them how to stick small pieces of paper together to make a giant sheet, they took over sticking and then they threw themselves into drawing them. 


So we now have giant paper rabbits watching over us. 

Once they’d drawn their rabbits and hung them up it was as if a pressure release had happened. Both were calmer. They had made what they wanted. 

There is sometimes a frustration in their making projects. They can’t articulate verbally what they want or how to do it. Each thing they make is another step in building up their vocab and understanding the materials they have. That’s my learning for the week, that and don’t avoid the giant rabbits. 

(More on traveling tomorrow.)


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