Mapp and Lucia, and the raccoon anxiety 


The weather was so nice yesterday that we deployed floaty summer frocks. 

We were warm.  

We wore hats. 

I watched the trees at the back of the yard turn green in real time. Glorious! 

We spent a good chunk of time outside until I mentioned raccoons. Foot in mouth time and back peddling for me. 

We were about to go out for a bike ride and Zoey asked if we should bring the balls and toys in or could they stay out over night. I said we’d need to bring them in at the end of the day but they’d be fine outside whilst we went biking. 

“Why mummy, why can’t we leave the balls out?” 

“Well the raccoons might bite and burst them.”

What was I thinking? It’s true. When we first moved here we left a few balls outside and the local critters burst them. I didn’t think what I said was a big deal as they’ve seen other animals in the yard before. 

We left but Z got to corner where we normal do our big loop and she wanted to only ride around the block. I thought she might still be tired from the cold (I know I still am what with me being sick it over the weekend) and then she was very quiet. Then as she approached the house she said she wanted to bring the balls and toys in, and it all clicked. 


The poor kid. We talked it through and I hope she is less worried but we’ll see. 


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  1. Michele C.
    Apr 14, 2015 @ 15:21:53

    Oh bless her heart. I find myself having to talk through many, many things with M & B, and usually after a few rounds it sinks in. We just bought a great snap-together-weather-proof box for outside to keep yard toys in. We don’t have a lot of raccoons but groundhogs and squirrels abound and nothing seems to be where we left it haha.



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