The garden

This month marks our second year in our house, and our third spring (if you do season maths). Whilst we all instantly took to being in a house and having space we have all taken longer to grow into the garden. We still haven’t done anything other than patch it and start to slowly take it apart. 

I have plans in my head  for what I want to do. I really need my brother to visit to move forward with a lot of them but hopefully this is the year I start the prep work for next year’s planting. Oh yes these are slow plans which is fine because no real hurry. 

When we first moved in our apartment toddlers were wary of twigs and unsure of grass, by our first fall they were sitting in piles of raked leaves and last summer we were out a lot. 

This year they started climbing everything and there, sadly, isn’t much to climb. They took apart a stone wall bank to build their own patio. Owning their space. 



We also today sunned ourselves and wore hats our as we ate lunch. Possible sighting of spring. 




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