Our weekend: a party! 

Saturday was errands because of the snow, we just want the beach and bike rides at the park and the beach. Have I mentioned the beach? We have lovely beaches. Toes in the sand. Toes in the sea. Sun on your back when eating your sandwiches. 

Sunday was busy. We tagged along to Alex’s tennis lesson because even though it’s a pain for all of us to leave at 7:30am it’s more time for the Pingus with Alex so it’s worth it. But, this Sunday because we had a party to go to they were restless. We ended up sitting in the truck drawing the river and taking a walk along it. 



But still they just wanted to leave for the party already. 

It was a three hour round trip to my friend’s daughter’s first birthday party but well worth it. Lovely to be part of a special day and for the girls to party away. Bubble dancing, face paints (on the hand this time after Nomi’s reaction from last time), party games, candy floss, their first lollipops and other kids to chase around. 


A grand time was had by all. 


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