Like Doctor Who (and our lawn) we are regenerating 

The cold, cold winter did not do us in. We have not perished. We are in fact, so grateful to be outside and for it to be pleasant.  We tolerated a fair amount of inclement weather to keep getting snatches of fresh yet freezing air. 

But here we are at the tail end of winter puddle jumping and walking balloons. 

There’s a tree in our front yard with a sizable muddy puddle around it. It wasn’t size able to begin with but after a day of being played with it is now sizeable. They’ve been walking around the tree for two days. Jumping in it. Dropping stones, Pooh sticks and leaves in it. 

It’s a really useful puddle. 

It was selfish sewing week so I made myself a floaty pinafore tunic. My first time sewing with voile and first time hacking a pattern apart. Turned out well. I think I’ll make another and construct it slightly differently. 

The fabric pattern makes this pinafore. Birds! 


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