Sewing dresses for Pooh and Eeyore 

When Zoey and Nomi were babies (and still twins) a friend gave them some Winnie the Pooh soft toys. At some point after we moved to the house the girls started attaching to specific soft toys. Nomi took to Eeyore (I think because he sits) and Zoey to Pooh. 

Pooh and Eeyore’s personalities were formed prior to their knowing the stories. In fact, as we listen to the Winnie the Pooh audiobook Nomi is upset that there is not more Eeyore in the stories. Eeyore is not a supporting character in her eyes. 

Pooh having a t-shirt has been something of an issue, so Nomi has been asking to make a dress for Eeyore that covers her tail (Eeyore is gender non-specific), and then Pooh needs a dress too. 

So yesterday being a day of yet more fraking snow we sewed. I used Pooh’s crop top as a pattern, the girls picked fabric and then cut out the dresses. They did some pinning and worked the pedal of the sewing machine (they want to feed the fabric through next time), gave feedback on the length and we have dresses! 


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  1. amy
    Mar 07, 2015 @ 09:01:08




  2. stacelah
    Mar 07, 2015 @ 09:57:21

    Fantastic! >



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