In which I am engulfed by February

I am a broken record. It is cold. There is more snow coming. It is very cold. The snow we have already won’t melt because it is cold so why not just keep adding to it. Have I mentioned the cold? Or the snow? Or not being able to play outside because the snow is ice now?

I know it’s just a north eastern winter. Endless and then BAM! a quick spring and onto a gloriously hot summer. Oh summer, come whisper in my ear about what we’ll do. The sand table, beaches, canal path bike rides, lunch outside, bare legs and toes. We will get there, we will it’s just February digging in.

So that’s me wallowing in February whilst the Pingus play trains with everything.


Today the HexBugs were Thomas and Percy, at one point Zoey only wanted to be called Henry. It’s joyful to be around this. The threes (like the twos) are in no way terrible.


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