Nomi and Zoey are very interested in trains at the moment, and it deserves its own post but just imagine you are three and you love trains. I had today off to go have lunch with one of my favorite people, and not only did that mean I got to have lunch without someone (or two people) sitting on my lap I got to have conversations about things other than trains BUT I got to take a train into NYC.

There was much excitement about me taking a train, and the girls asked to meet me off the train so they could see it.

No problem.

Except, they missed meeting me off the train by a minute. I stood on the platform (in a snow storm) waiting for it to clear of people to make sure and then as I went down the steps there they were crossing the car park.

A moment of earth crushing disappointment when they realized they’d missed waiting on the platform and seeing the train arrive. Zoey started to cry. Heart breaking.

But at that moment the local Dinky train pulled in to a side platform. The Dinky is a super local mini train that runs from the main commuter station into Princeton. We grabbed hands and all trotted to see the Dinky come in and we told the girls we could watch that train leave.

Zoey stopped crying. Despite the snow and cold we waited on the little platform and watched the train fill up. We answered their questions about the train (electric not steam). We peered into the front of the train to see the drivers station, and were greeted by the friendly female (thank you!) train driver. We exchanged pleasantries and the girls were invited to honk the horn! Yes, I know. All good stuff. They were cold waiting on the platform but toughed it out to wave the Dinky off.

Then we saw two express (Amtrak) trains whizz through the station. I know, more excitement.

We’ll definitely do a journey on the Dinky one weekend soon, though both girls have expressed a preference for the express train before the Dinky!


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  1. loripickert
    Feb 14, 2015 @ 19:09:03

    yay! 😀 you really did turn that around!

    and a female driver!!! 😀



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