Alex has been traveling this week so I’ve been taking it easy as it’s a marathon of a week. (I’ve learnt a lot from friends with spouses who travel far more than mine.)

So I haven’t done as much around the house or blog as I normally would. Or finished my audiobook or kindle book. Or caught up with email. I’ve crashed out with the Pingus at night then when I wake up pottered through to kitchen for a quick tidy then collapsed on the sofa for a film.

It’s been a restful week barring the whole “Daddy, come home.” every time we FT, and Alex picking up the travel lurgie so feeling crappy and wanting to be home too.

I finished four pairs of pj pants, painted my closet and started the KonMari process on my clothes. The girls played with trains, trucks and we did a bunch of things in the kitchen. Today we made bread which I need to do more often because I can control the white-wholewheat ratio at home and Zoey has a very mild sensitivity/reaction to preservatives or something in commercial baked goods.

Looking forward to more of the same at the weekend.









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  1. amy
    Jan 23, 2015 @ 23:10:51

    Sounds like you’re doing great. I hope he’s almost home by now? We’ve had a long run (over a month!) with no travel but he’s planning February and March. My eldest is going to be on a school camping trip while my husband is in Belgium, looks like. How will it go without my 13yo to pitch in? I’m a bit aghast at the thought.



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