The Dahlia

We’ve got just over a week left with my mum here. Cue wailing and gnashing of teeth from me. It’s been practically like a spa retreat with minimal yard work and no big indoor projects. Having Christmas has slowed me down but I would like to tackle a new sewing pattern next week whilst she is here to guide me. The Dahlia dress – cute right?

I bought the digital pattern and printed it out. Then I had to cut and tape it together. Much excitement from the Pingus.




My taping was a tad shoddier than I’d have liked but with two extra sets of hands eager to help tape I had to move fast.

Today was a good day. It was the the first day Alex was back at work but Nomi practically pushed him out the door in the morning. She was ready for daddy to be back at work, he must have ceased being a really useful engine, or she knew he needed to recharge his fire box like Thomas. (Side note, we are watching a lot of Thomas. Thomas and friends are flavor of the month.)

Aside from my adventures in pattern cutting we biked, played with trains and discovered that there was a whole hidden section of the dishwasher filter that needed to be yanked out and cleaned. Dude, that was a scary discovery.

Weekend tomorrow, more adventures await.


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