“Don’t worry”, she says

I was completely emotionally wiped out yesterday, which is crazy considering I don’t have anything to worry about but I think going through a mammogram (or mammo to use the parlance of the street) is going to squeeze you dry, and I was asleep before 9pm.

At my annual check-up in early December my GYN felt a cyst in my left boob. She told me not to worry as it felt like cyst but she was sending me for a mammo and a sonogram just to be sure. Fine. No problem. Whilst I didn’t worry per se, I’ve carried some tension around, and as a self-cured, pre-Internet hypochondriac I don’t use Doctor Google. So I’ve not escalated things in my MIND.

Yesterday I had a solo trip into NYC for my mammo. I’m grateful to be able to keep my NYC doctor network because it makes things like this easier. I technically passed my mammo. Nothing suspicious in my boobs and no cyst just a dense area but nothing suspicious. Dense tissue became fibrous tissue when talking to my GYN, and whilst there is nothing suspicious she felt I should be referred to a boob specialist to review findings because whilst there is nothing to worry about we should be thorough.

I really wanted to draw a line under this, and move on but I appreciate her being a vocal advocate for my health. So I’m off to see a boob doctor in the New Year. I feel like the tension has lifted but I will be glad to put this to bed.


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