Weekend, yet?

I’ve a pile of clean laundry to be put away and it’s as big as a totem pole but I also had the last push of holiday* cards to go out too. I’ve been ignoring both in the evening for days and crashing for disco naps instead. But today, fueled by aeropress coffee, the cards are done and the laundry remains.

We did an early evening** walk today to stretch our legs before bath-dinner-bed. It was raining and not quite dark enough but the Pingus brought torches and it was like being out with little Mulder and Scully minus the aliens.



Didn’t really need the torches but couldn’t resist them. Next time: lanterns and 20 minutes later.

After bath time tonight Zoey had the unfortunate accident of slipping over (she’s fine) but it’s one of those things that when it happens so close to dinner you mentally write off that meal. Especially, when it’s a healthy one of bake Dover sole and sweet potatoes with broccoli. Oh well.

* 4pm
** I’ve been over here so long I prefer “happy holidays”. A good way of sneaking in the winter solstice 🙂


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