The Great Cookie Decorating Party

A day late but I was so wiped out I was asleep by 8:30pm last night. An episode of Hannibal, a cup of coffee, and BAM! asleep.

Yesterday we had friends over for lunch and cookie decorating. We are turning it into an annual thing. Since we have no family in our adopted country I think it’s important to build these types of gathering into our calendar. Hell, even if we had family over here we’d be doing it because it’s fun but you know what I mean. I enjoy cooking and hosting which is why I only took one photo on Saturday:


I don’t have pictures of our wonderful friends, or Nomi spooning sprinkles straight into her mouth (because it’s best to speed up that sugar hit) or Zoey drowning her cookies in frosting, or my friend’s kid picking me up on not making chocolate cookies this year (just sugar and ginger).

I grew up with lots of large family gatherings, as did Alex. The Pingu sisters will not. We’ve put together our American family over the last decade and will continue to grow it, and bring them together.

And here’s to 2015 when chocolate will be back in rotation!


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