First face paints

We were at a birthday today, and there was face painting. Zoey and Nomi have never had their faces painted before. After first politely refusing they watched the other kids, and then decided to have a go. Nomi saying “Zoey first”.

Zoey asked for a busy bee, and sat still whilst getting painted. Nomi asked for a green and blue butterfly.



Whilst Zoey was not bothered by the face paint but Nomi was, and I should have offered to wash it off sooner (despite her protests). Nomi is really sensitive about her cheeks. She won’t put on woolly jumpers as they scratch her cheeks. She needs her winter coat left open at a ‘v’ so it doesn’t touch her cheeks.

The sensation of having paint and sparkles on her cheek, plus the heat of the NYC apartment building had her really out of sorts. She froze the side of her face with the butterfly and was dribbling a bit. Not shutting her mouth and went monosyllabic.

Alex took her to cool down, and pee. But it was only when we cleaned her face on the way home that she suddenly sprung into action and talking a mile-a-minute. I kid you not. From zero to hero in seconds.

So there you go. I’ll try to get some face paints for home so she can get use to them.


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