“I want the round one!”

This is what Zoey said (over and over again) when she peered into the dish of risotto at dinner tonight.

At first I was confused. I’ve never served risotto in a round dish so what was she talking about, and risotto is one of those dishes that both girls start crying over and then realize that actually it’s perfectly edible.

Eventually we figured out she was referring to the bacon. The much promised bacon in the risotto was chopped and soft not curly or “round” like when it is cooked up for breakfast. Hence the upset.

Both girls are still pointing to things and saying “that”, and I know they’ve only just turned three but there are a lot of “thats” in the world. So we are encouraging to expand upon the “that” with a few clues. Of course that’s only making the guessing more abstract. A challenge.

Nomi had an animated one sided conversation about the black round thing in the kitchen. Turned out to be the aeropress. Who needs crosswords.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Michele C.
    Dec 06, 2014 @ 21:54:48

    Hehe! I can’t help but laugh over the bacon!!! Same food, different form = unaccunacceptable !!! Ah, children…….



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