And low a new tradition is born

Late October-November are busy work times for Alex so I’d held off booking my annual physicals (well two out of three) till December and my plan was to have a solo day in the city. But, you know what? I’ve had that much time to myself over the last few months (two trips to the theatre, a hair cut & a field trip to CT) that I’m feeling pretty rested. So when Alex suggested we all go in so my OB/GYN doc could meet the girls she delivered I thought why not.

Nomi and Zoey did very well shuttling between doctors appointments (following me in obviously) and a walk around a winter market and watching the skaters. We’d wanted to take them Bryant Park to see the decorations and mid-week early December was perfect. Quiet and no crowds.

We took the subway, examined the fake tree at my fancy dermatologist office, drank coffee (us not them), ate donuts, peed at Daddy’s office, played with the Christmas tree decorations and met the doctor who delivered them. It was a fantastic if exhausting day.











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