You never know what is going to be the best part of the day. The sticky bit that gets them talking and asking questions, and smiling.

We’d gone to the natural history museum and confirmed that dinosaurs and butterflies are still scary. Fair enough. Those dinosaur skeletons are pretty big, and butterflies unpredictable as they fly around. Nomi declared the butterfly room “too smelly”, and triggered hopes of her being a super smeller.

On to lunch and our first choice had a line out the door so we tried a pizza place around the corner. They only had room at the table facing the pizza kitchen which turned out to be the most brilliant thing ever.

Watching pizza being made over and over again, and ask many questions. We make pizza from scratch at home so they could see many differences to the way we make it. Apparently I will now be brushing our pizzas with garlic oil.

So happy and enthralled were they that they stayed rooted to their own chairs. Alex and I got to eat lunch without squirmy toddlers on our laps.

The pizza was excellent, on par with what I’ve eaten in Naples a zillion years ago. Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth and I traveled. Also, they brought us big nuggets of dark chocolate with our check. Win. Win. Win.





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