Happy Thanksgiving!

I was awoken at 5am by my conversational partner for light philosophical discourse.

“What’s that noise, mummy?”
“Is it morning, mummy?”
“Why’s it still dark, mummy?”

Eventually we got out of bed as I wanted to give Alex the chance of a lie in till 7am. We played games, checked on the snow (still there) and made breakfast. Pre-dawn starts really aren’t that bad as long as you fully embrace them.


After a Thanksgiving grocery store run (I drove *high five*) we suited up for a snow ball fight. Imagine ewoks with snowballs and you get the picture. They have to run up close to throw to hit.





Alex got them goggles as part of their winter kit, mainly for snowball fights and sledging but good in blizzards. Surely, we won’t be out in blizzards you say – HA! When a drive way needs cleared or the Pingus feel the need to be at one with the snow we will be out.
Over kill or hedging our bets against a trip to urgent care only time will tell.

Since the girls are little we can’t get away with one big meal so we had a lovely salmon dish for lunch (pomegranates and Orange marinate) and braised chicken in coconut milk for dinner. In between the two meals we managed some collective down time around the table. I sewed, the girls built and Alex shopped.


It was a pretty good day here, on our adopted holiday and I hope everyone had a relaxing Thanksgiving.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. rsvendsen07
    Nov 27, 2014 @ 22:57:04

    It looks like you lot had fun! Happy thanksgiving. 😊



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