Updated: A lovely day

I took today off and spent most of it on a train to travel two states away for an art exhibit and to meet a friend. It was so worth it.

More tomorrow. So tired.


Morning! Let’s try this again. I basically passed out on the sofa last night. All the tireds and then emotionally spent as I’ve a medical bill mess to untangle but potentially it is fixable but it’s a problem for Monday. Here’s hoping to a kick-ass admin at the peds office.

So yesterday was lovely. So lovely. It was nice to do something that I’d have done pre-kids. Long solo train journey to an art exhibit (Yale Museum of Art had an exhibit on Roman Art in the Provinces) and this time with the added bonus of meeting a friend.

Yale has a rather extensive art collection. They’ve re-done their building and it’s wonderful. Well worth a visit and walkable from the train station.


The train journey was perfect alone time. I finished my current book (J a novel which was so-so), started another and then knitted and listened to Imperium as my audiobook.

Zoey wanted to know if I was lonely. Not really.


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