Hey Global Village!

Why oh why did no one warn me about potty trained toddlers and cold weather? Shall I be more specific? Pee inducing cold weather.

Seriously, these shiny new bladders are peeing all the time and being caught out. It’s keeping us all on our toes.

Today Zoey peed 5 times. Seriously, FIVE times. That’s more than double her normal amount of pees.

Nomi is off the charts with pees. I’m almost ready to crank up the thermos to 18C just to stop her peeing so much because she hasn’t adjusted to having a bladder made of glass.

I’m having to get her to pee every hour because otherwise she gets caught short because she doesn’t want to miss anything and pees on her scooter bike/camping chair/sofa/ scooter bike again.

Fun times!


Photo up top is Nomi watching the leaves being sucked away, and below the hand washing stand-off.



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