A check-up and a flashback

We’ve switched Nomi and Zoey’s pediatrician to one I can drive to. At this point I’m only comfortable driving in a few directions. I can go a little bit north and get to the camping shop and Starbucks, but not all the way to their old pediatrician which was in a built up area. South and east are semi-rural so that’s easy for me to drive around. So we switched to one south-east from us and it’s also open on Saturdays.


Today’s three year old wellness check-up was the easiest I’ve had. As long as you discount the trip the lab for blood to be taken which was hellish, but the actual doctor visit contained the least amount of crying I’ve ever experienced.

The first two years and all those check-up doctor visits. Oy vey. I was alone for most of them. Juggling crying babies and trying to answer questions. “Yes, they are eating well. No, they are not sleeping through the night. Yeah some babies just don’t sleep through… ever. Oh well.”

I remember their two month check-up. They were so small and grumpy. It was over Christmas week so Alex was off work. They had their check-up and shots in the late afternoon, and they were so distraught they wouldn’t let go of us. Zoey clung to me and Nomi to Alex. They were so sad that we all went to bed at 7pm. Zoey slept in my arms and Nomi eventually let Alex put her on her bouncy seat (which was where she slept).



Now after their jabs they still want to be held but are soon happy to be out brunching and shopping.


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  1. Lori
    Nov 09, 2014 @ 13:17:07

    ahhh, those photos! <3_<3



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