Halloween Footnotes

Zoey, at 5:40pm you were sitting on the floor in the living room having an existential crisis over the size of the handles on your tea set.

“Why are they so small?”

“Why they no fit me?”

“I just want you to make them big, mummy!”

“I’m tired.”

With out skipping a beat you then asked why had we not gone trick or treating.

“Why mummy why?”

Because kiddo, you are a tired ball of belligerence by dinner time. As an aside, on particularly bad nights you picks holes and questions the plot and motivations of the characters on the BBC Radio 4 drama The Archers (we listen to the podcasts over meals).

So as the day played out and you (and your sister) showed no interest in dressing up I decided not to press the issue. Both you and Nomi were more into handing out candy to the Halloween Children and look at their costumes. But on a chilly autumn afternoon our foot traffic was woefully low so thoughts turned to trick or treating.

The waiting for the Halloween Children to come a knockin’ was unbearable for all of us but I ended up downloading Room On The Broom animation feature which was fantastic. We watched it three times in a row before moving on to Charlie and Lola.

You both bounced back quickly from a lackluster Halloween by telling me about your plans for Christmas decorations (Nomi wants her own tree), and how next Halloween I’ll drive you to Philly for Halloween at the art museum. Costumes optional I assume.



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