Art and errands

As soon as Alex left for his cycle meet up the girls asked for potato stamping with the big paints. I tried to delay them until I’d done a few things from my to do list but they were adamant that it should be potato stamping first. So we mixed paints and stamped, and stamped, and stamped some more.



We were painting for almost two hours before hunger hit and we cleared up so we could eat. I joined in which is why they lasted so long. That and we were using the “good paper” in different sizes to make cards and gift tags for (whispers) Christmas. Just the first stage more to go.

Once Alex was back we headed out to run errands (I did half the driving – easy peasey) and the girls finally got to pick their pumpkins…


… from Home Depot.

We couldn’t quite face the overpriced pumpkin patches this year, and a ride around Home Depot in the trolley is just as good plus holiday lights!

They also picked the saddest pumpkin for carving. Bashed in on one side but they were adamant that it was “daddy pumpkin”. I haven’t carved a pumpkin in forever. I remember carving turnips as a kid. Now that was a workout and a half! Kids today have it easy with those pumpkins 🙂


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. cryscryss
    Oct 19, 2014 @ 07:28:43

    I have a friend from Cornwall who told me that they used to carve turnips. I thought she was pulling my Canadian leg.



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