Trying to figure fall/winter exercise that works for everyone

And by everyone I mean the pingus. In the summer I was able to leap out of bed 3 mornings a week for a 6am cycle and it was glorious. The pingus wake early but they stayed with Alex whilst I got out. Now that it’s still pitch black at 6am I am housebound exercise wise.

When I get out of bed I’m followed by the pingus. I have to get them to pee before I do anything else. Then I have to settle them as best as possible before I get on the bike trainer for 15 minutes of exercise and light conversation.

This is not a straight forward process. It’s like the space shuttle launch, one thing deviates and it all falls apart.

Whilst I know they need to pee when they get up they don’t always accept this. Since we are trying to leave the bedroom quietly so Alex can keep sleeping I have to take Zoey’s potty with me. Then get Nomi to pee on the actual loo and Zoey on the potty for the pee-nami at the same time.

Then shepherd them through to the spare room where the bike is set up. This morning Zoey lost it over the dark. She couldn’t pee because it was dark outside. She couldn’t settle because of the dark. I couldn’t get on the bike straight away because she was in tears over the dark outside. When I finally got on I had to keep getting off so yeah that is really awful way to start the day for all of us.

As I was cleaning up the kitchen tonight I was trying to figure out how I could manage this morning transition better. I’m going to be up at 6am anyway I’d really like to get some exercise to start the day off but I don’t want 20 minutes of shrieking – who does?

I have an idea. I’m thinking a mat workout or dance cardio in the living room that Zoey and Nomi can join in with if they wish. Then I’ll try to get on the bike at another time during the day, or alternate.

Wish me luck folks, wish me luck and namaste.


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  1. Michele C.
    Oct 15, 2014 @ 21:07:35

    I have a barre dvd that I LOVE I can send you a link to. Girls would have fun and you can get your exercise!!!



  2. amy
    Oct 15, 2014 @ 21:11:42

    I wish you much luck. I don’t know how to solve this one–I have daylight issues too, because I have morning responsibilities that don’t wait for sunrise, and sunset is also so early now, so an after-dinner run is dangerous. Last winter I bought a 3-month membership to the indoor track for the worst of it, but that’s not the best solution either. I think the mat workout is a good idea, maybe with a video? It’s not easy exercising with small children. I never managed it.



  3. Lisa
    Oct 16, 2014 @ 02:47:36

    I’ve had the same issue here. Tried an exercise bike borrowed from a friend, but me being in one place became an opportunity for them to make a million demands: “the doctor is in!”

    I love your blog and appreciate hearing about the tricky times too. You’re so real!



  4. kirsten
    Oct 16, 2014 @ 10:42:38

    I love the way Zoey FEELS things! I know this is hard for you, believe me I do. But there’s also something very wonderful about it. Sensitivity and emotional depth is hard hard hard, but has so many positives!



    • Leah Hung
      Oct 16, 2014 @ 21:56:43

      Yes, so HARD but it’s easier now she communicates and can process all the things rather than just crying all the time. It’s interesting seeing the world through her eyes in contrast to Nomi.



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