Hats! Pies! Oh my!

Everyday Zoey and Nomi ask me what are we going to make today, and everyday I ask them what would they like to make. Two year olds are brimming over with ideas so all I need to do is help with the execution.

Today Zoey said she wanted to make paper hats. Since we’ve never made hats together we went through the stages of how to make a simple crown: fold paper in half, cut, and tape ends. They did the folding and the cutting. I helped with the tape as you needed a third hand. Then they jumped into decorating and making more of them. Later that day Zoey made her own one from scratch and cut the tape.





Nomi was so in love with her hat she kept it on whilst we played outside. She said she looked like the baker from The Gingerbread Man.




I got in a quick bit of sewing whilst Nomi and Zoey played in their den.


I did a practice drive today. It was so simple in comparison to my road trip driving which was so intense my body went into shock and stopped menstruating mid-period! Six lane motorways will do that to you.

We ran another errand and threw in the bonus task of getting flu shots which on the one hand is great but made me later starting dinner (chicken pot pies). So the girls ended up eating chicken pot pie filling with bread. Tomorrow they can have the full chicken pot pie experience.


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  1. Lori
    Oct 13, 2014 @ 09:40:07

    love this so much 🙂



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