“Yes Zoey it is the weekend tomorrow!”

I almost forgot to blog. I was just decompressing with a film (Closed Circuit – pretty good and Rebecca Hall *squee*) and menu planning.

I recently got a kitchen notebook and set up on my counter. I have the meals of the week laid out, on the opposite page I note down what I’m running out of and recipes of interest. Alex is rolling his eyes at all this but it’s working for me. It’s my external kitchen brain.

So, what were we up today? I finished some hats, the girls played under the table with their planes. Then I finished organizing my bedroom and they went on a road trip to a volcano. We did a nature trolley walk to find flowers and post letters. Then before dinner a bike ride, and on bike ride Zoey announces she wants to make cups when we get home. I ask out of what and she thinks paper. When we get home she asks again and Nomi suggests plasticine. So they made handles and cups as I made dinner.




Happy Friday, everyone. Weekend *squee*


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