“Is it the weekend yet?”

This is the question that Zoey stage whispers to me every morning. Sometimes at 6am, and sometimes significantly earlier.

It’s been a long week. We are all looking forward to the weekend but until then I’m trying to do a big fall clean and organize. Nomi and Zoey turn three in a few weeks time and we are having friends over so that’s a great motivator. After their birthdays it’s the slide through Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

I’m trying to tackle potentially problem areas before they become a real problem areas, and I want to re-org the toys and art supplies, and you know everything.

So today I started in my bedroom. Zoey and Nomi played with everything whilst I sorted stuff out on the shelves, and threw empty bottles of this and that out. We might have also had some time for indoor tennis.




We also got one compost post in the ground. I’m so not a gardener but I’m trying.






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