“I wrote the zoo and asked them to send me…”

Alex and I have visited DC a few times pre-kids so we were okay focusing on sites that would interest the girls on this visit. Air and Space was a win for all of us, and we figured the zoo would be fun for them as they enjoy seeing animals and the National Zoo has pandas.

Despite the girls not napping in the car (after a morning of exhaustive pillow fights I thought a nap was a cert) and the tragic lack of pingus a good time was had by all.

Since Zoey was tired when we got there she was in full pee lock down mode. I didn’t make a big deal of it and when she started doing the clingy pee dance I asked her to try to pee on the travel potty in hidden alfresco spots. She was game enough to try but no dice.

Tired toddlers are interesting companions. By the time we’d had lunch they either wanted carried or to hold our hands whilst running or gamely follow the elephant tracks through the zoo. We did a lot of running and tracking.

Wins for the day were the carousel (two goes around & Zoey declared “I love the carousel.”), pandas (saw baby panda climbing a tree, one adult sleeping & the other walking about), meerkats, seals, elephant and rocks to climb.

Not a bad day.



Not many photos due the clingy non-peer. Tomorrow we set course for home.


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