The one where my twins tell me they aren’t twins anymore

Apparently being a twin is just a stage. Zoey and Nomi are no longer twins.

Sisters, yes.

Pingus, most definitely!

Friends, yup unless you know it’s that 30 second window where “they will never be best friends again”.

But twins, no. You can be a twin when you are baby but not now. They spent a large part of today explaining that to me and granny.

“Not twins. Twins are babies.”
“Just Zoey.”
“Just Nomi.”

Safe to say that at 2.8 years old they are developing an unshakeable sense of self and their own identities. Which is AWESOME. I look forward to them explaining this to everyone they meet as they get older, and their outrage when someone refers to them as twins or even worse “The Twins”.



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