Highlights & Observations: Weekending 2/21/14

– Zoey sat in her cardboard box car & remarked that “it’s not moving”. How long till she starts building an engine?

– Nomi drew this today: an apple & a rainbow. Yesterday she drew a sun.



– Zoey drew the three of us in a house.


– Both girls are actively involved in imaginary play through out the day. This morning they sat on the kitchen floor peeling and chopping carrots (blocks).

– At lunch the other day we were having cauliflower and kale soup (a hit) and bread. Zoey took one look at the bread and said “needs ham”. Bless.

– Both girls are now happily getting undressed and dressed with minimum help. The turning point was when I started making funny faces through the neck of their tops. They grabbed them to make faces too and then pulled it down over head. Sometimes it feels like an hour has passed waiting for them to pull their clothes on but actually it’s just been 10 minutes.


– They’ve started telling me that they “love x”. Of course x is Pooh, Eeyore or their twirling dresses.



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