At lunch a few days ago…

Nomi expressed her concern (= shrieked loudly) that rabbit wasn’t at luncheon. I didn’t really feel like going off to find both girls’ rabbits and I knew that it would be opening the flood gates to bring EVERY SOFT TOY to the table so I told Nomi that rabbit was sleeping. This was perfectly plausible to an almost 2yo.

Over the last few weeks Zoey and Nomi have got more attached to their soft toys. Feeding, petting and wiping their bums. At first it was their rabbits which were dragged around by the ear but at the moment it’s Eeyore and Pooh.

Nomi has Eeyore in a Vulcan strangle hold for most of the day. She has perfected propelling herself along on her bike whilst having Eeyore under one arm. Zoey has more of an on-again-off again relationship with Pooh. He must be in bed at night time, and keep himself available for meals just in case he’s needed but other than that he is free to mooch and offer first aid to Eeyore.




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