Everything is really good

It’s dark and everyone is asleep next to me. Zoey woke me at 5:30 because she’d leaked through her diapers. I should have changed her when she woke me at 2am for a drink of water but I didn’t, and I should have put her in pull-ups at night since they hold the pee in better but I didn’t. Hey ho.

I couldn’t get back to sleep so I read through my twitter list, and caught up on my Words With Friends games. And then instead of going back to read my book I think I should blog instead.

The last two weeks have been pretty great here. I’ve stopped trying to get the nap-resistant girls to nap and instead we have a few well timed chill out sessions through out the day. We sit on the sofa and read, and watch an episode or two of either ‘Paddington Bear’ or ‘Charlie and Lola’. It gives us all a break.

At almost 22 months the girls are a lot of fun. A lot of work but so much fun! They love going out in the garden to blow bubbles, and play with our make shift water table.

They love jigsaws. We now have four that we do in quick succession: solar system, dinosaurs, flowers & animals.

As well as their birding books they love flicking through our travel guides and pointing out maps. Maps are a big thing here. Maps of museums and galleries are brought home to be treasured and fixed with tape when they rip.

They love to draw. Naomi likes to decorate the furniture too. Thankfully they both like cleaning so they will wipe it off again.

It’s fun building Duplo with them or block structures. It’s just all good fun and they are eating really well. Which de-stresses mealtimes outside of their general tiredness because they won’t nap.

So all in all life at almost 22 months is great apart from the peeing in the bed!











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