Toddlers are second only to the living dead in their relentless nature

21 months is fun. It really is fun but do toddlers ever fraking stop? It’s more, more, MORE.

More stories, more milk, more ham, more cheese, more stories, more sticky tape, more eggs to crack, more water, and then even more stories.

And personal space? Forget about it. Zoey likes to share my pillow. Sometimes she likes to sleep on my head. Cheek to cheek as if we didn’t spend enough time together during the long assed day. Hey, Zoey I’m not going anywhere so why don’t you sleep in your own bed? It’s right next to my bed so the chances of you getting lonely is fairly slim.

Oh god. Toddlers.

Forget a bug out bag for zombies or hurricanes we needs a bug out bag to escape from our roomies. I’ll give myself a time out, and they can just crack on with dinner.

They are getting smart about pushing boundaries. I tell them we don’t draw on the walls (chalkboard wall notwithstanding), and they stick masking tape on the wall and draw on that. I ask Naomi to refrain from drawing on my bed, and give her wipe to clean off her artwork and she giddily runs around the beds drawing and wiping (closely followed by her sister who is cleaning what she misses). Then the next day she is shocked and upset that someone drew on her bed.  Yes, Naomi it was me and your dad as we can’t resist scribbling on your toys when you are asleep deal with it!

May the gods protect us from the relentless nature of toddlers.

The Cylonettes in hats.

The Cylonettes in hats.


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  1. cryscryss
    Jul 23, 2013 @ 15:09:26

    The pushing of boundaries. “No, Freya, don’t put that in your mouth.” So she closes her mouth and puts it on her mouth. When I tell her no. She puts it next to her mouth. When I say no, she puts it on her cheek. When I say yes, she puts it back in her mouth. And so on. And I don’t know about yours, but there are times when I am very serious with them about what they are doing and they just look at me and laugh and laugh like what I am saying is the funniest thing in their world.



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