Do birds have belly buttons?

The Cylons have started pointing at things in books and acting them out, and making lots of connections to what they see around them and how it relates back to them. For instance, rabbits have big furry ears and we don’t. We have plain boring ears. But we all have ears. Cue much tugging of ears when we read books.

This morning belly buttons were the big ticket item. Pointing at theirs and then lifting up our shirts to check we had them too. Then Zoey goes through her roll call:

Mama – yes belly button but a bit stretched out and droopy
Daddy – yes, belly button
Matt – yes, belly button
GanGan – yes, belly button
Bobo – hmmm, do birds have belly buttons? I don’t think so…

The questions have begun!

(Try explains why this figurine has three eyes & three ears! Thank you, Fisher Price Little People.)



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