She’s a square peg in a round hole

We had a really busy weekend, and bounced between TriBeCa and Queens. I’m still recovering and will finish posting the week in food posts later this week.

But I had to share this photo of Zoey from a birthday party we attended. It was a first birthday so our friend’s loft was brimming with kids of all ages. The Cylonettes did really well considering their sheltered Amish upbringing.

At one point Zoey moseyed on over to two women who were chatting. They were sat on the floor and our Zoey plonked herself down, and mirrored them. Zoey sat there perfectly contented flexing her feet and looking up at them. The women were bemused! They didn’t know what to make of this pre-verbal toddler who was content to just sit and be part of the big kid world.

Alex and I were sat behind Zoey giggling. God help the world when she (and her sister) can talk and properly join in!



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