A week in food: Wednesday


A picnic in the kitchen

Breakfast: Cornflakes and homemade bread

This week I made my first white loaf of regular bread (thanks to the encouragement of the Twitter). It was so simple: four ingredients and some time. It tasted great but I’m hoping if I give it more time to rise it will be lighter. I’m hooked, and everyone was happy to eat it.

Morning snack: Apple slices and milk

I’m trying to eat seasonally, and I’m longing for the spring summer fruits to start appearing. Until then it’s lots of apples. W00t. At least I’m getting a lot of use of my apple corer (thanks mum).

Lunch: Leftover tray bake chicken and veggies, plus carrot soup with homemade bread

Lunch was somewhat delayed thanks to Zoey peeing on the floor. Her post walk-nap diaper was so full that when I took her out of the stroller and she started peeing with such force it leaked out, and there was a lovely puddle on the floor. Cue changing Zoey (and Naomi as she had to be included) and washing the floor. This might sound weird but I’m looking forward to potty training this summer. Bring it on.

Thankfully lunch was leftovers so I just had to nuke the chicken and veggies, and warm up the carrot soup (freezer). Predictably both girls wolfed down the chicken, nibbled on the roast veggies, and rejected the carrot soup but happily dunked their bread in it.

Afternoon snack: Leftover bread from lunch and milk

There was plenty of cut and butter bread from lunch so I smeared on some jam, and that was the afternoon snack done. I can’t abide waste so I ate the crusts.

Supper: Shepherd’s Pie, leftover mac-and-cheese and yogurt

The weather is starting to perk up, and I had a big bag of potatoes to use up. I figured it was a good time to squeeze in a stodgy Shepherd’s Pie before winter is finally behind us. I love mince and potatoes, and Naomi does too.  Zoey is not sold so ate the mac-and-cheese, and who doesn’t love a yogurt.


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