A Quantum of Solitude

"Did you have a nice shower, mum?"

“Did you have a nice shower, mum?”

I love this photo. This photo sums up what life is like with the Cylonettes: it may look chaotic but we have a plan!

This is what happens when I have my moment of quiet time (a shower) in the morning. I bloody love my shower in the morning. It’s five to ten minutes of not dealing with anything other than MY ablutions. Not wiping someone’s bum, or struggling to get a coat on a feisty 15 month-er. The girls play, and occasionally may peek in to check that I’m still there. But, it’s my quiet time before a long day at the coal face circuit board (don’t forget they are tiny toasters!). I need some solitude so if the cost of that is some shredded loo roll, and clothes thrown about then so be it. I always get the girls to help me clean up afterwards, and I try not to waste the loo roll unless it’s full on confetti.

I’m amazed that I get by with so little alone time given that I’ve always needed time away from people to recharge. There were times when I would crave solitude to the point I would hide in the bathroom at work or social events. I remember a work trip to London where after traveling (with lovely colleagues), not getting much sleep, breakfasting with colleagues then commuting through London with colleagues to a full day of brainstorming and presentations and then an evening meal that I ditched them to walk (part of the way) back to the hotel. It was too much social interaction. I couldn’t fake it any longer and needed an authentic breathe on my own. Lost in my own thoughts (and walking at my preferred fast pace) I wandered through the South Bank, and ironically got the hotel at the same time as everyone else.

That said, I rarely find myself overwhelmed with always being around Zoey and Naomi. Exhausted – you bet yah! Frustrated that I’ve had to read Little Blue Truck eight consecutive times – hell, yes! Perhaps it’s because they are my people that I don’t.



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. memyselfandkids
    Feb 14, 2013 @ 22:29:56

    If this sums up life – oh gosh. They sure must keep you busy. Alone time is hard to come by when you have two little kids. I found that as well and still do sometimes.



  2. adoptionista
    Feb 16, 2013 @ 16:14:25

    You are brave! I don’t even attempt a shower outside nap times!!



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