The Year of The Dragon

I haven’t felt like writing the last few weeks. It’s been very busy with the girls and trying to find a house, and Zoey has recently decided that she needs a couple of bottles again during the night. Yes, fifteen months and we are back to two night feeds.

What the frak, Zoey! Do you not love your mum? Do you not want your mum to sleep?

We’ve been through EVERY permutation of Zoey’s sleep patterns. She’s slept through the night. Been up half the night. Needed walking to sleep. Needed to cry (a bit) to sleep. Needed to be held to sleep. Needed a blanket to sleep. Needed to party at 5am all through the summer. I’ve slept on the sofa with Zoey a LOT. Alex has slept on the sofa with Zoey a LOT.

So whilst needing a bottle once, twice and occasionally three times in the night is on the one hand a step back she is at least falling back to sleep quickly*, and she is gobbling down the bottle so perhaps this is growth spurt.  If she doesn’t out grow this then I’ll deal with it when we’ve moved, and we have more than one bedroom.

We are in the midst of a great phase with the girls. They eat regular food, and play all the time. They are trying so hard to speak. It’s fun times. Sure they are testing boundaries, and fighting, and throwing tantrums but it’s fun. It has still not got any less intense. I don’t know if it’s a twin thing or just the personalities of the Cylonettes but we have yet to hit that “it gets easier” phase. Alex’s poor xBox sits unloved on the shelf. Friends told him he’d be gaming again after 3 months. Hahahahahahahahahaha. They do not have twins. They do not have the Cylonettes.

I feel like I lost a year. In fact I know I lost a year because year of the dragon past me by without any gloating taking place. I’m a dragon (of course I am!). The dragon is the best sign in the Chinese zodiac and I tend to like to lord it over the rabbits I live with. But for the past year I’ve been so focused on our baby rabbits that it didn’t even register that it was my year, and now it’s almost gone.

We are probably going to head to Philly to celebrate year of the snake (meh!) at one of the museums there, and I’ll have to wait another twelve years for my year to come round again.

*Unless she needs to fart, and then she will wake up pissed that she is farting. Her bodily functions are not her friend at night.


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