2012: Some where between Narnia and ‘Black Hawk Down’

That pretty much sums up how I feel about the last twelve months. It’s been an intense yet magical experience. I’ve seen the girls blossom, and at times all that blossoming makes my ears bleed. We go through phases that I think will never end, and yet they do. It’s insane being a parent of multiples. Any more than two pairs of grabby little hands and I’d have headed for the hills. How did Octomom do it?

The girls’ doctor once said to me that all her twin moms were so serene. It’s not serenity it is resignation that you are the eye of a hurricane. A relentless hurricane that will never stop moving because let’s face it if one kid is chilling the other is trying to ram something edible into the A/C unit or re-program the dishwasher. (Do you want to know how many times my dishwasher runs with the same load? As many times as I need it to complete a task.) You notice the same characteristics in twin parents, and a haunted look. You can’t allow yourself to over think or be overwhelmed. You just have to get the f$%^ on with things. You are out numbered so you need to not dither when making decisions.

Over the last few months we’ve run into other twin parents. Viewing a house one weekend the owners had 2 year old twin girls. We traded some stories. They use to sit in their living room in the dark pushing their stroller back and forth to get their daughters to sleep at night. We bonded over our need for closed in play parks, and how gated areas are our friend.

Last weekend at IKEA there was a couple (plus mother-in-law) with 9 month old twins. The scene was so familiar. The juggle to get them both to eat, and then the distractions to keep them from crying so that the adults could eat. The dad had a well worn Baby Bjorn that had probably seen a lot of action, and carried the babies like rugby balls. Alex, and I kept staring at them because they use to be us!

Now don’t get me wrong it can be magical, and we are fortunate that I can stay home to witness the magical moments of one kid whacking the other with a truck, and then trying to reason with two 14 monthers.

I love watching the girls play together. They are getting really physical (both in good and bad ways) with cuddles and “kisses” but also fighting. I’ve had to separate them a few times, and I know that is going to get worse before it gets better. But for the most part it’s really good. You know until Naomi sticks her fingers in Zoey’s mouth (again), and Zoey bites them (again). They are eating much better but it’s a challenge to keep them both interested in food because as soon as one indicates they are “All done” the other wants to go down too, even if she is still hungry.

Having them both ambulatory and understanding so much is fantastic. Even if we have to keep spelling out words because they over excited about baths, walks and food. They love ritual and routine (in the loosest sense of the word). In so many ways it’s like having two mini-Sheldons. They understand many cues (e.g. laying the table for a meal) and instructions and can act on them (e.g. pushing the high chairs to the dining table, banging on the bedroom door for a diaper change, grabbing shoes for a walk, etc.). It’s fantastic and freaky. They are too smart we are doomed. DOOMED I TELL YOU.

The downside to this love of ritual is repetition. They get stuck in loops. Since Alex has been off for the holidays he has bore the brunt of Naomi’s OCD. She wants the same book read a zillion time. But it has to be Alex not me. She stands in front of him screaming whilst holding the book. Ugh. We’ve taken to hiding the books to make things easier for the next few days. This results in Naomi grabbing anything and waving it in front of Alex to be played with or else she will explode. Yesterday she was waving a small box at Alex whilst crying. What did she expect Alex to do with the box? Read it? Sit in it? Put it on his head? In the end she sat on his knee with the box in front of her. Not happy that her box wasn’t being played with properly but content enough being on Alex’s knee.

We’ve made it through our first full year, and everyone tells me 2013 will be easier…






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