One year ago: The Birth of the Cylonettes

  1. alexhung
    Pre-Cylons Invasion lunch: Hawaiian pizza and 16 hot wings from Domino’s Pizza
  2. alexhung
    T-19 hrs. All stations ‘GO’. Countdown continue. #pregnancy
  3. leahhung
    Dear gods please let this be the last night I have to deal with hideously swollen feet & ankles. There’s still stuff I need to do tonight.
  4. alexhung
    . @leahhung made crepes for our pre-Cylons invasion dinner. She’ll go food/water-less from midnight onwards. T-14 hrs 30 min, and counting
  5. alexhung
    T-3 hours. Leaving for the hospital. #bsgpregnancy
  6. alexhung
    T-2 hours. In labor unit at hospital, waiting to be admitted.
  7. alexhung
    Thank you for everyone’s well wishes. Unboxing photos will follow after delivery.
  8. alexhung
    Just been told by the nurse. T-15 min.
  9. alexhung
    T-0 she is in the OR. Me in bunny suit.
  10. alexhung
    2 healthy daughters! 6 lb 3 oz & 6 lb 11 oz. Mommy is doing fine & being transferred to recovery.
  11. alexhung
    T 5.5 hrs. Settled in hospital room. Waiting for the nurse to bring the twins to mommy.
  12. leahhung
    Trying to sleep before being woken for the next feed. These Cylons are best App ever.

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