On the eve of the Cylonettes first birthday

There is apparently a club in the UK for people who failed to get into Oxbridge, they meet for dinners and lament about not getting into Oxbridge.  (I was told that by someone who failed to get into Cambridge and it casted a shadow over the rest of her life.) Despite my love of Greek tragedy I’m not a big fan of lamenting. The wailing and gnashing of teeth over what could have been. Frak it there is always a Plan B, and for me my Plan Bs have been pretty awesome.

I didn’t get into my first choice of university (Edinburgh) and ended up at Manchester. Best fraking thing EVER. I met Alex and that worked out pretty well. I had an amazing time despite my eventual loathing of the subject of my first degree (geology). But if I hadn’t have gone through the process of hating geology, and falling out of love with education I never would have fallen back in love (even deeper) with education and found Classics.

My second degree in Classical Studies was hard work, as I was balancing it with working full-time, but I loved every minute of it and it was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. It’s opened up a door to going back to get my Masters in a few years, and that is something that makes me very happy.

When I got my work visa for the USA I started interviewing for jobs through an agency. One of the ones that I was most excited about was for an Office Manager position at a start-up domestic airline. I turned down other offers to wait out getting my interview there. And I waited. And I waited. And it never came (company decided to relocate from NY to San Francisco) but what did happen was that I was put forward for another role at the parent company. I got that job, and ended up working there for five (long assed) years. I learnt so much from my time there, and made really good friends. REALLY good friends who were worth wading through the work bullshit.

For me Plan Bs stand for Plan Brilliant so when the house we were in negotiations for gets taken off the market today (ahem cold feet!) I could be really upset as it is a great house but I’m not. I’ll allow myself to be pissed for an evening, and then I’ll move on because I know that we will end up with an even better house.  Plus, when your Plan A doesn’t work out you can learn a lot from the experience. Sure the house fell through but we’ve now been (partially) through the process so the next time it will be easier, and we know that we don’t have cold feet for buying and moving to the ‘burbs. Game on!

I could also think of the Cylonettes as my Plan B too, and that has worked out rather well over the last year:

Smiling before we were thrown in the abyss of twin parenthood


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