The fickle nature of infants

Babies are tricky buggers. They lull you into thinking all is well, like sleeping thru the night (or at least making it to 5am), and then BAM! All change.

For whatever reason Zoey has decided to stop sleeping thru and is waking a couple of times during the night. This isn’t just a bit of crying as she moves and resettles herself. This is standing up and wailing for ‘Mmmmm’.

So for the last few weeks I’ve ended up giving Zoey a bottle and then settling her on the sofa. Not ideal for us to sleep on the sofa but it’s the quickest way to get us both back to sleep and then if she wakes again I can stuff her bottle in her mouth again. (And Naomi has permanent residence in our bed so no space for Zoey.)

I’m hoping it’s just a “phase” and that she’ll start sleeping thru again as I’m one tired mama but at least tonight Alex is on Zoey duty so I get to sleep…



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