Place holder post with interesting links

I’m in the midst of doing the Cylonettes 10 month blog post, and a bunch of other blog posts, but after a particularly challenging day* I don’t have the energy to work on it so there are some links that have caught my eye.

Judy Murray, mother of Andy and Jamie, has launched a website to encourage parents to get their kids playing sport from an early age.  I think we will be doing a lot of these things with the girls, and they already love playing with a ball. They chase it, try to roll it back and forth, and Zoey has even figured out bouncing it. So check out Set4Sport for lots of cool ideas to get your kids moving.

Alex sent me this link about kids toys and gender stereotypes. Oh things were so much simpler back in the day when kids toys were mainly in primary colors (so anyone could play with them), and marketing of toys seemed more simplistic and less commercial. I remember when my brother was in primary (elementary) school his clique of rough and tumble boys all got into Cabbage Patch Dolls. They’d bring them along on play dates, on days when you could take a toy to school, and one of the boys even threw a birthday party for his adoptive vegetable son.   No one seem bothered that they were all very much attached to their CPDs but then it was London in the late 80s.

The Daily Mail has articles on how you only need to spend GBP 6 on toys to keep your child happy, and the importance of a free-range summer. 

*The girls had a disrupted pre-lunch walk-nap as there was a full on rain storm that forced me back home.



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