Who doesn’t want to play peek-a-boo at 5:30am?

From the get-go I’ve always taken the Cylonettes on at least one, if not two or three, walks a day. It got us all out of the flat, and if I timed it right they would nap. So I walked and walked and walked. And then I walked and walked and walked some more. Over the weeks and months I came up with my preferred routes. The smoothest parts of the sidewalk, shady in the heat of the summer, and scenic enough so that there was something for me to look at.


There are a lot daycare centers in my neighborhood (or early education academies if they want to double the price), and there is one that not only has a waiting list so long that you have to put your kid down pre-conception (yes it is that over subscribed) but it also has classrooms that face the street (transparency).  The kids are separated by age and everyday (at least once sometimes twice or trice) I would walk by and peer into the baby and toddler room.  I’d see crawlers, crusiers and toddlers playing with toys. It gave me hope that one day the Cylonettes would do something other than cry, eat, cry, eat, sleep, cry, cry and cry.

Less than a week old, and just chillin’

I know that it is such a short period but when you are in the thick of it it feels like it is going on forever. Your babies will never do anything exciting or interactive, and then overnight our living room is a crazy active as the day care center. Crawling, cruising and almost toddling.

“So much to do, and yet I still find time to pull ‘omi’s hair.”

Busy work

The girls are playing with toys not just chewing and banging them. Wheels are being spun, and buttons pressed on purpose. They are putting things in containers and in the trolley. Zoey stands over the toy boxes with such a serious expression as she sifts through the toys deciding what she wants. As well as eating the board books they flip through the pages.

And ‘omi Cylon pulled herself up!

Naomi likes to hand me things, and the item goes back and forth for minutes. Both girls grab blankets or any thing cloth to play peek-a-boo. Last night Zoey crouched at the end of the bed and kept standing-crouching-standing to play peek-a-boo with Alex.  The girls make each other laugh, and us.

It’s been months since I purposely walked past that daycare center.

“Hey mama.”


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