That Was The Week That Was

Last week was not good. Zoey got sick; it was only a post-vaccination fever but nevertheless it was a reminder about how sucky it is to juggling the Cylonettes when one is sick. I had to dust off the Baby Bjorn for inside use as Zoey just wanted to be held, and when she didn’t want to be held she just sat on the play mat looking sad. As hard as it is to handle Zoey in her climbing, crawling, and jumping (oh yeah and biting) mode my heart crumbles when I see her stationary without her goofy grin.

A happy Zoey

I just hate it when my babies are sick.

So as well as dealing with a sad Zoey it looks like we are entering a period of self-weaning off bottles and naps. Oh joy! There was three nights of Zoey having no more than a cursory suck of her bedtime bottle but still managing to sleep thru till 5am. A struggle to get both girls to sit still for their day time bottles when they seem more interested in competing in competitive leg waving contests. So whichever Cylonette was starting to drop off would be rudely awoken by kicky legs, and feel compelled to join in. It was frustrating.

They just want to play… and then cry

I reached out to my FB village (really more like a hamlet) and felt immediately reassured.  Don’t sweat it and just let them be. I mean you can’t make a baby eat or sleep when they don’t want to so just go with the flow. On Sunday Naomi made it thru the day on only one nap, and today they both had two. Honestly, they seem just as grumpy by the end of the day regardless of if they have their third nap or not. So why bother trying to get them to sleep if they can power through to bedtime. I really just want them to get to the point of crashing out on the floor, and I’m holding out hope that will come soon.

At the weekend we also added even more fencing to the living room. So now during the day the TV and Alex’s desk are fenced off. The living room does look a little extreme. Like HGTV Eastern Block edition. I tweeted that we have so much fencing we should have our own Minute Men and it’s not far off the truth. We just have two bostierous Cylonettes who are into everything, and it’s nice to not have to worry about them pulling apart the router and crawling into the home entertainment system.

The no-go area

“Why are you in a play pen, Papa?”


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