Nine Months

Oh nine months is fun. Exhausting to the nth degree but so much fun but messy. By the end of the day our flat looks like it has been struck by hurricane ‘Zomi’. DVDs and books pulled off the lower shelves, and toys strewn over every surface.

DVDs make the best toys

Zoey on a shelf

Both girls are mobile. This is equal parts thrilling and terrifying. Zoey is doing the thing where she pulls herself up to stand, and then lets go. She stands for a nano second then falls to her bum, and tries again (and again). She is also walking with the aid of the highchair that she pushes across the floor, and this morning she climbed onto the bed. Naomi started crawling last week; it’s slow and awkward but it gets her to the home entertainment system or to the other toys. She can pull herself up to her knees, and I don’t think it’s going to be long before she is standing, and edging herself along the furniture like her sister.

“What? You want the Power Point done by nap time? I don’t think so I’ve got wires to chew.”

They are both waving, at animate and non-animate alike, though Naomi is also a big high fiver and fan of the ET finger (this is reserved for only the animate). She squeals with delight when you reciprocate. Zoey , like the Queen, thinks that she can get away with anything as long as she gives you a smile and a wave. They also have a lot of teeth. We don’t have a full count as they don’t like us looking in their mouths. Apparently, their teeth are private but our aren’t as they both like putting their hands in our mouths to feel our teeth. Such crazy pumpkins!

Just chillin’ with teddy.

We have a fence to keep the girls out of trouble but recently I’ve had to extend it out to the far reaches of the living room so it now just blocks off our mug collection and the stroller. When they are penned in to just the lower half of the living room they get very whinny — especially when I am here by myself.  The Cylonettes really are free-range and it will be good when we are able to move out to the ‘burbs next year and they’ll have a garden to run around in.

Big cup small Cylon.

So we are doing the unthinkable, and what we always swore we would never do. The ‘burbs. A house. A garden. And, you know what? I can’t fraking wait. I never thought I’d feel like this but I want to be away from the city so we can have more space, and so the Cylonettes can get use to nature. Suddenly, camping trips and learning the names of plants, flowers and trees are important skills to pass on to the girls. I just hope there are some apps to help me out.

Smiles x 2


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  1. bokker
    Jul 31, 2012 @ 08:14:36

    Gah! I love them. So cute.

    Sounds like Zoey would love a trolley. Leila had one of those wooden ones with blocks in, which she would trundle round with from around the cylonette’s age until she learned to walk undaided at 15 months. Some days that was literally all she did. Warning- it does make a racket on a wooden floor, so hopefully your downstairs neighbours are sympathetic!



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