Museums From Our Roadtrip Vacation

The days are long gone of Alex and I setting our own agenda. The Cylonettes run the show, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. (Did you know that Naomi means ‘must sleep in the big bed’, and Zoey ‘awake at first light’. No, I didn’t either otherwise I’d have called them something like ‘Sleeps Late’ and ‘Likes To Sleep Alone’.)

The heat and humidity were pretty extreme when we were down in Raleigh so there wasn’t much of a chance to go for walks, and explore the city. That was a shame as I love nothing more than an aimless wander around to soak up the atmosphere but that of course was pre-Cylonette, and now everything needs thought out. We can’t just wing it. (Okay, we can but there is a strong chance that it will end in tears, and the stress is just not worth it.)

We stuck to seeing museums, and that kept everyone cool (thanks to the AC) and happy. I love museums, especially art museums with nice cafes (and restaurants), wifi and a decent permanent collection. As long as we feed the girls and ourselves when we first get to the museum the girls will tolerate being wheeled and carried around for an hour or so. Bliss.

On the drive down from New Jersey we stopped at Annapolis (cue silly photos) and Virginia Museum of Fine Art which is one of the best art museums I’ve ever been to (we loved it so much we stopped there again on the way back) .

In the Navy

We thought about enlisting Zoey whilst she slept

VMFA slays, and a visit here was far more enjoyable than the Met or even the Lourve. Oh yes! Firstly, it has a great collection, and it’s so large (with automatic sliding Star Trek doors) that it was easy to manoeuvre the stroller.  Secondly, the cafe and restaurant are excellent. We had tasty, relaxing meals in both, and the staff were super friendly with the girls. And finally, a kick ass shop (I don’t get out much so it’s nice to look at pretty things). I would really love to come back when the girls are older, and with my mum (who also appreciates a nicely laid out museum with good food).

Relaxing lunch

Post lunch play

Cylonette on the loose

Taking in the ART (whilst checking Twitter)

VMFA grounds (too hot to explore but gorg!)

In Raleigh actual we went around the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences and the adjacent National Research Center (which has real scientists working away on show just like in Jurassic Park), and the North Carolina Museum of Art (though they don’t mention it on the website there is a little cafe there). All three NC museums were great. The science ones were a little more crowded as it is the school holidays but it still was fairly easy to wander around.

“To really appreciate ART one must be out of the stroller” Naomi


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  1. memyselfandkids
    Jul 23, 2012 @ 13:55:33

    Cyclonettes – that’s funny. Thanks for educating me regarding the meanings of the names.



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