Yesterday the Cylonettes turned eight months. They celebrated by being crazy brilliant little Cylons. They are so not babies or even infants any more. Proto-toddlers? Proto-coffee shop dwellers? Proto-leaders of the free world? Proto-Bond villians?

The Cylonettes: down time

They have a poise and adultness about them. My mum summed it as ‘Zoey is an adult trapped in a baby’s body’ (very Star Trek). She can do something babyish like pick up a sock and chew it, then a few seconds later she appears disgusted that she has a sock in her mouth and is shocked that she is doing something so infantile.

Ready for bed yet so not ready for bed

Zoey is getting more and more confident at standing. Hell she does it one handed now. Pulling herself up on the sofa, bed or any available object. She looks so happy to be upright. Apparently “Two feet good. Four feet bad.” is her mantra. She is also, thankfully, getting better at falling on her bum but there are still large smacks as she hits the floor.


Her hair growth appears to be  stalling she has a crop of dark brown hair that is Asian straight but fine. She is too busy moving to stay still long enough to grow more hair.

It’s been months since Zoey lived in the Baby Bjorn as she needed to be held constantly. She gets antsy now when she’s in the carrier for long stretches, and whilst she likes being a free range baby I am still not free to wander about the apartment at will. I am still pretty much glued to the play mat. If I go to the bathroom or kitchen she scampers after me, and if we have the baby fence up separating the room (to keep Zoey from licking the wheels of the stroller when I’m not looking) she stands there wailing. Two little hands grasping the fence and her little pixie face crumpled  as she cries and cries. I might only be gone 30 seconds or a few minutes but to her it is FOREVER and a day.

Follow the wires to escape

Naomi is getting closer to crawling and she so wants to move. She bounces up and down on her bottom to shuffle slowly along the sofa or play mat. She’s been lurching forward more and more but nearly always lands on her face.  Yesterday she managed to fall forward onto her hands and knees. She looked equal parts thrilled and freaked out. Since Zoey grabs all the toys she plays with and moves them away Naomi will start crawling soon(ish) out of sheer frustration. Sometimes when she is out of toys she looks around the mat to see what is just out of reach, and tentative tries to grab it. Then when she realizes it’s too far she focuses her attention on something else (a piece of lint or a play mat tile) and pretends that it is no big deal that teddy or stacking cups are too far away.

Life is good but would be better with more toys!

Whilst Naomi doesn’t have her sisters frenetic energy she does have a thick crop of light brown hair. So furry. So good for nuzzling, and if the air is humid enough it stands up.

Asian ‘fro

Naomi is a very good at playing and that rubs off on Zoey. Naomi has also discovered her index fingers to point and prod. She even tries to pick up food with both her index fingers. They act as uncooperative chop sticks.

It’s a really exciting time with the girls but I feel that they have the upper hand…



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